Nutritional Values of Foods and Their Role in Weight Loss Programs

Nutrition is the science of meeting requirements of a human being by evaluating the nutrient content of food. The nutritional value of foods are measured using scientific methods such as calorific value, nutritional density, nutrient content, and nutrient retention. In food science, the most common units for measuring nutrition are calories, kilocalories or grams and both quantitative and qualitative measures of nutrition are employed. One of the most common method to measure the nutrition is calculating the percentage of calories in a dry substance.

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The basic purpose of nutrition is to maintain the body’s balance in terms of energy intake and energy output. The major functions of nutrition in the body are to provide adequate amounts of all nutrients required by the body to function properly, help in the growth and development of the body, provide the body with the raw materials that it requires to build and repair cells, regulate the body’s metabolism and facilitate the excretion of waste materials. The main functions of nutrition in weight loss programs include regulating the appetite, controlling the body’s water balance, regulating blood sugar levels and assisting in the absorption of nutrients.

It is essential to keep a check on the nutritional value of food regularly. This helps in maintaining the right balance of nutrients and prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body. Nutrient intakes need to be checked on a regular basis and food sources should be replaced periodically. During times of change in the diet, replace certain food items with others that provide similar nutrients but at a lesser rate. It is also important to remember that the type of food you eat and the amount consumed plays an important role in the consumption of nutrients and thus affects the nutritional level of the body. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct weight loss diet plan that supplies all the nutrients needed by the body to function normally.