The Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important things that should be known by people, especially those who are health conscious or have weight issues. This way, they will know what type of foods to eat and the amount of calories should be eaten. But what is nutrition, exactly? It is the how and why of eating food that matters. In a nutshell, nutrition is all about the nutrients your body needs to survive, as well as the foods you should avoid.

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There are three major systems recognized in nutrition: biological, nutritional, and pharmacological. Biological nutrition refers to the changes your body goes through while eating. Nutritional nutrition focuses on what your body needs for its normal function and metabolic rate. And the third system is pharmacological nutrition, which basically tells your body what foods you should eat. This is the real definition of nutrition, so to speak.

Basically, nutrition is the balance between the three systems that keep your body fit and healthy. When you eat well and maintain a good balance between the three systems, you will surely be healthy and live long. And because of this, the benefits of nutrition can be enjoyed for a lifetime.