Understanding Nutrition

The term Nutrition is something that is often used incorrectly in our society. Some people have the mistaken idea that nutrition is only concerned with what they put into their mouths, but this is not the case. Our nutrition consists of everything from the vitamins and minerals in our food to the enzymes that are used in our bodies to break down food and nutrients. For most people’s nutrition is a daily activity and it involves planning a menu of foods and other nutritional supplements, making sure that they are properly portioned out and making sure that each meal is balanced.

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There are many websites on the Internet that offer free advice on various topics such as nutrition, diet plans and weight loss. While many of these websites may be useful for those who are trying to plan and organize their eating and nutrition patterns, the information and tips that are provided do not address the chemical and metabolic responses that occur in the body when nutrition is removed or altered in some way. The information provided on many of these weight loss and dieting sites is oftentimes outdated, misleading and even potentially dangerous.

The American Heart Association stresses the importance of maintaining a well-balanced, healthy diet and exercise program for the prevention of coronary heart disease and other weight-related conditions. Those who are serious about nutrition and those who are committed to their health should learn as much as possible about nutrition. Nutrition information is readily available in books, journals and on websites, but for those who are interested in learning more detailed information the library is a great place to start. The department of health and Human Services (HHS) encourages individuals to speak with a health professional about their health-related goals and concerns. For those who feel more comfortable speaking with an actual person they can speak to a nutritionist or someone in the department of health and Human Services to set up an appointment.